In the last month I’ve participated in two fun fundraisers to support nonprofits that benefit people or animals in my community. One was a bowling fundraiser – ‘Bowl For Jason’s Friends’. Jason’s Friends is a local charity that assists families of children suffering from childhood cancers or brain or spinal cord tumors by providing critical non-medical financial assistance, advocacy and encouragement. A truly great cause!

The other was a super fun trivia night put on at a bar where the proceeds benefitted The Hector Foundation – a Wyoming nonprofit dedicated to finding necessary solutions to animal issues through community involvement and education. I love animals, so anything that helps them is usually a good thing in my book.

Both of the fundraising events were really a lot of fun! Who doesn’t love trivia nights and big bowling parties?!  But it was also really wonderful to be surrounded by so many people who had either donated their time or money in support of something.

It makes me think about all the ways that people could really be making a difference in the world. And how fortunate I am to be able to do small things like this to help others who are in need.

Most of us, myself included, get so wrapped up in the things we want, the things we need, or the problems that we’re having. But most of us, myself included, really have things a lot easier than we think. Sure we all have struggles. Yes, we all have needs.  But if you’re fortunate enough to be healthy, to have a roof over your head, a phone or laptop to be reading this on, then you’re really doing pretty good.

I think it’s important to remember that and to try to be grateful for the blessings that you have. And what better way to keep that in perspective than by volunteering or participating in fundraiser to help those less fortunate than ourselves?!

“No amount of money can fill your heart up with what kindness and compassion can.” 

– Eileen Anglin

I’ve found a few more fundraisers that I’d like to get involved with in the coming months – one of which is a 5k, which I’ve never done, but I think it could be fun and inspirational. Another is a putt-putt one, which will be great when the weather is nicer! There are all sorts of fun, social activities that benefit great causes out there!

If giving back to your community is something you’re interested in, a quick Google or Facebook search could introduce you to a plethora of fun events! I’d also recommend those kinds of things to anyone looking to meet new people or who want to network with like-minded individuals.

But in between fundraisers I hope that I continue to maintain a spirit of generosity with my fellow humans. Because it’s not always money or volunteering that people need – sometimes a simple smile, a sympathetic ear, or a genuine interest in other people’s lives can go such a long way.

Sometimes a simple smile, a sympathetic ear, or a genuine interest in other people's lives can go such a long way. Share on X

You never know what people are going through – but if you can imagine that their struggles are at least as hard as yours, then you can probably imagine how much it would mean to them if you were empathetic and compassionate.

“Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone’s day.”- Richelle Goodrich

What are you doing to maintain a spirit of generosity in your life?

What are you doing to maintain a spirit of generosity in your life? Share on X


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