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Sun Kisses’ Back-of-the-book Description:

Poor Emily! She has been picked on at school for something she can’t control… and it’s written all over her face and body. Through the help of mom’s quick thinking and imaginative story telling, she is able to help put Emily’s mind at ease and help her realize how beautiful she is through a fable about the sun.

A wonderful story about a mother’s love, her daughter’s courage, and teaching us ALL to find our beauty.

My Thoughts

A children’s book! This is something new and different for me, but I was offered a free copy of Sun Kisses in exchange for my honest review. And even though I don’t have children, I do have a little brother and friends with children, so I figured I could probably offer my opinion on whether or not I think a book is suitable for them… right?

Sun Kisses is geared toward children aged five to ten and it addresses the topic of bullying – or rather the events after having been bullied – and self-esteem. A little girl with freckles tells her mom about a kid who was mean to her about her freckles and then the mother makes her feel special and unique for having them.

I personally think it’s wonderful to introduce the subject of self-confidence and individuality to children! So I liked that this book did that. I will say that the way it was addressed – telling a story about the sun loving the child so much that it wanted to repeatedly “kiss” them – was a little odd. But it was cool because it’s rooted in the fact that some freckles are, in fact, caused by the sun (when not genetic).

I will say though, the entire time I was reading it, I was waiting for someone to be like “so that is why you gotta wear sunblock, kids!” But even though the author didn’t take the opportunity to educate children about the necessity of sunblock, she did do a lovely job of making freckles seem beautiful and something to be proud of. And as a girl with freckles, I obviously agree.

I believe Sun Kisses is only available in eBook format right now, but honestly, so many people have Kindles and whatnot, that I don’t image that being a problem. If you’re a mother, auntie, or big sister of a child struggling with self-esteem then this might be a good book to have on hand.

Buy it now!

Favorite Quotes from Sun Kisses:

“Always with a song in her heart and a tune on her lips…”


“Very, Very slowly, a small smile crept onto her face until she was beaming as brightly as the sun herself.”


In Conclusion

Overall, Sun Kisses  gets 3 stars. I thought it was a cute book with great intentions.  I’d recommend it for anyone who knows a little one with freckles, or who needs a reminder that looking different is okay!


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