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Stillhouse Lake’s Back-of-Book Description

Gina Royal is the definition of average—a shy Midwestern housewife with a happy marriage and two adorable children. But when a car accident reveals her husband’s secret life as a serial killer, she must remake herself as Gwen Proctor—the ultimate warrior mom.


With her ex now in prison, Gwen has finally found refuge in a new home on remote Stillhouse Lake. Though still the target of stalkers and Internet trolls who think she had something to do with her husband’s crimes, Gwen dares to think her kids can finally grow up in peace.


But just when she’s starting to feel at ease in her new identity, a body turns up in the lake—and threatening letters start arriving from an all-too-familiar address. Gwen Proctor must keep friends close and enemies at bay to avoid being exposed—or watch her kids fall victim to a killer who takes pleasure in tormenting her. One thing is certain: she’s learned how to fight evil. And she’ll never stop.


My Thoughts

Alright, so I found out about Stillhouse Lake from a friend who loves psychological thrillers. She found it on like a Pintrest list that was titled “25 Psychological Thrillers You Must Read in 2018” .. or something like that. Anyways! The point is – psychological thrillers are her jam – not necessarily mine.

But she loved it, so she talked about it, so I bought it.

I’ll be honest. My first reaction was that the writing style was not my cup of tea. It was in first person and the main character’s inner dialogue was very… dramatic.

But maybe that’s a staple in the psychological thriller genre and I just never noticed?

On top of that, I confessed to my friend that I didn’t think the premise seemed very believable. I don’t want to give away to much here – but it has to do with running away from internet trolls. It just seemed kind of far fetched to me. But I guess anything is possible in the age of the internet. And inside a psychological thriller.

In any case, it didn’t bother me for long. Because the story really picked up and kept me engaged. I read it pretty quickly (much quicker than my last book) I just had to know what was going to happen!

The author’s character and setting descriptions were fantastic! I could clearly picture it all in my mind, which I love. She really tied it all together at the end, while also adding a twist – keeping you on the hook for the sequel!

Anything I struggled with at the beginning of the book quickly fell by the wayside as I devoured this page-turner in under a week.

Buy it now!

Favorite Quotes From Stillhouse Lake

“… it’s a shallow shadow of real affection.”


“Guns don’t keep anyone safe. They only equal the playing field.”


“Paranoia bursts out of its shell and starts to wind tendrils around me.”


“Adrenaline keeps people moving, keeps them dangerous, even when they ought to fall down.”



In Conclusion

Stillhouse Lake gets 4 stars. It might not be everyone’s type of book, but it sure reads easily enough and it’s a nice, action packed thriller.

Also, I refused to read another book until I read the sequel. So… I think that’s saying something.

I’d recommend it to anyone who likes thrillers, suspense, dramatic dialogue, and easy summer reads!


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