Ok guys… I’ve discovered something amazing and it’s basically consumed my life, (for a brief period of time anyway).

I – like a lot of people – have way more clothes in my closet than any one person really needs, or wears. Add in the purses I stopped using and the shoes I don’t wear, and you’ve got a small garage sale waiting to happen.

But who has the time or patience to set up and run a garage sale? NO ONE. That’s who (well, certainly not in October anyway)!

Now, this isn’t something I really thought too much about until a friend told me she’d been using a new app called Poshmark to sell some of her clothes.

Honestly, I think she first told me about how easy it was to shop on Poshmark (not sell). Then a¬†couple of weeks later she mentioned it again. “Hey so I’ve been selling my stuff on that app. and Guess how much I’ve made so far. Five. Hundred. Dollars!”

$500?! That’s some good garage sale money, guys.

So I signed up. I went through my closet and pulled a few things I no longer wear. Snapped some photos and away I went.

In the spirit of total transparency, I didn’t make a single sale for about two or three weeks. (And I waited a full week before making a purchase, in case anyone was wondering!)

But I also wasn’t actively using the app, either. It turns out, daily sharing and following people really go a long way to get your items into the eyes of shoppers.

And now – a few weeks after signing up – I’ve made over $310! (and yes, I’ve bought some new things to replace my old stuff!)

This is so fun and exciting to me that I had to share it with you guys. Sometimes when I share things on here, I get a little commission if you guy decide to try it. But this isn’t one of those times! I’m not an affiliate for Poshmark – since it’s a free app, there’s no monetary kickback to me if you decide to join.

However, I will give you this coupon code that, if you use it when making your first purchase, you’ll receive $5 off and I’ll receive a $5 credit! ūüôā it’s a win-win, but no pressure. MALISSA307

So here we go, this is why I am having such a good time with this app…


How to make money cleaning out your closet with Poshmark


I, for one, am very motivated by setting and meeting goals. So when I set a goal I’ll work hard to achieve it. In this case the goal could be as small as “Get rid of 10 things I no longer wear or need.” Or it could be monetary. For example, “Make $100 by selling the things in my closet.”

Sometimes the simple act of setting the goal and having an easy means to meet it (like an app on your phone) is all you need for the little extra kick.

I also get excited when I feel like I’m good at something. (And yes, I get really frustrated when I feel like I’m bad at something. But that’s a story for another time.)

When you post your items on the app, and people like them, share them and eventually buy them, it makes you feel like. “Hey, I’m good at this!” Which is one form of motivation: I’m good at this, let’s keep doing it!

Another way to look at it is a game – phase one, find the items. Phase two, take a really good photo. Phase three, make the sale, and you win!

All this action/ reward stuff is super motivating to finally get rid of things I was holding onto. It’s the push and motivation I needed to stop hoarding those jeans I haven’t worn since senior year.


Obviously, the act of cleaning out your closet is it’s own reward in a way – you now have a clean closet! But for some, that’s not quite enough.

For one, the money you make from the sales is a reward. Add to the that the feeling of accomplishment when you sell all the things you set out to get rid of and you’ll be feeling pretty good!

If either of those isn’t enough to make you feel accomplished about the whole ordeal, you can reward yourself by shopping for new things on the app! Some might call this counter-productive, but we don’t want to listen to those negative people right now.


There’s one other awesome thing about Poshmark that won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s starting to appeal to me. Once you’ve shown yourself to be a respectable seller of your used stuff¬† (no negative reviews, fast shipping time, multiple sales, etc.) Poshmark gives you the opportunity to start a boutique.

They connect you with wholesalers where you can purchase items at – you guessed it – wholesale costs. You can then sell those items for higher, ‘to the public’ prices on your Poshmark closet.

It’s like an easy opportunity to start your own little business!¬† Now, I haven’t done this yet, but I’m eligible and I’m considering it. Since I haven’t yet, though, I can’t speak much more about the process.


make money cleaning out your closet with the Poshmark app


There you have it, that’s why I love it! Think it sounds pretty cool? Check it out at poshmark.com and find my closet, specifically here!

But keep reading and I’ll continue to go into a little bit of detail in case you’re really into it and have questions.

OK! Here’s How It Works

Well first things first, download the app. It’s free and you can get it on Android and/ or Apple. Yes, you can use¬†Poshmark from your computer, but the app is the easiest way to use it – plus if you plan to sell things, you’ll want to use the app and take pics from your phone. (Unless you have a really nice camera. then you can take pictures and upload them on your computer.)

Create your account. The app asks you a few questions in order to help you shop – and to avoid showing you things you don’t care about. Your size, the brands you’re interested in, etc. These can all be changed later and you can always choose to follow more brands.

Find Items in your closet or in storage that you don’t want anymore! Then, snap a photo (a couple photos, from different angles is best) of the item you want to sell, fill in a description, set the price, and you’re done!

Note – It’s important to make sure you’re honest about the condition of the item you’re selling for a couple of reasons: the recipient will rate their experience with you once they receive the item and you don’t want a bad seller reputation. Plus, this is a fun community of buying and selling, we should do our part to keep it as honest as possible. Treat your recipient the way you’d want to be treated.

When someone purchases your item(s) Poshmark emails you a prepaid shipping label. Simply print it out, attach it to the package and drop it in the mail. The shipping label is Priority Mail, so you can use the free priority mail boxes and envelopes available at the post office. Or you could go buy pretty bubble mailers from the dollar store to add a nice personal touch!

Now, not everyone is going to be interested in selling on Poshmark. So you might be wondering, do you have to sell things in order to shop there? No! You can shop all you want without selling anything yourself.

Or maybe you just want to get rid of things and don’t want to buy new things at all! Do you have to shop on the app? Nope! You can simply use it to sell things and never buy a single item on the site if you don’t want to. (And congratulations on your willpower!)

How’s the money work? You set the price you want to sell the item for (something reasonable in relation to how much it’s worth and the condition it’s in. Poshmark keeps a percentage of whatever the item sells for – think of it as a service charge. Once you make a sale and the purchaser receives the package, the money is available in your Poshmark account.

You can keep the money you make from your sales in your Posh account (and then use that to shop on the app), or you can redeem it by requesting a check be sent to you, or a bank direct deposit.

A few more details

If you’re a big fan of a certain brand, you can shop for those brand specifically. Not interested in used items? Poshmark lets you shop for “New With Tags” items. Ever bought something online and then couldn’t return it? Well so have a lot of people and they sell those things on Poshmark.

Then, of course, there are also boutique items, which is essentially the same as buying it from a regular online store.

The person buying is the person paying for shipping. So plan to pay $6.50 for shipping on everything you buy (unless you’re buying multiple items from the same seller, then you only pay it once). When I see something I like, I always look through the rest of the seller’s closet to see if they have anything else I like. (Plus, a lot of sellers have bundle deals, so you save money that way, too!)

Like someone’s item but not the price they have listed? Try making an offer for a lower price! A lot of Poshers are happy to negotiate. Besides, the worst that can happen is they decline. No big deal.

Make money selling your closet on Poshmark

Now, Tips for being a successful seller

Take clear, well-lit photos. People won’t want to buy something that they can’t see clearly.

Write clear descriptions. Get out a measuring tape and post measurements. You’d be surprised how often people will ask if you for them, which makes me wonder, how many more are curious but don’t ask?!

Set up a bundle deal. Offering a discount on 2 or more items (or 3 or more, 4 or more, etc.) is a great way to entice shoppers! They will continue to look through your closet to see if they like anything else. plus it helps you to get rid of more, faster! You can set up a bundle deal by clicking on the settings tab on the bottom bar, and going into “My Seller Tools”.

Follow and share! Follow people, and share their items. This will help grow your community. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but trust me it does!

Participate in themed parties. There are all kinds of shopping parties throughout the week in which you can share your items. There was one earlier today called “Best in Outerwear” and everyone was sharing their coats and jackets. Some of these parties only allow you to share items that meet certain criteria. Other parties (for example, Everyday Essentials Party) let you share anything you want. There are also parties specifically for brands in which case you can share any item that is that brand. These parties are awesome! They get your products in the eyes of more shoppers, ones who may not even be following you yet!

Be a fast shipper. When you get notified that someone has purchased something, Try to print your label, package the item, and ship it as fast as possible. This shows up in your stats and lets buys know they can count on you.

Make the effort to package things nicely. The most successful sellers on Poshmark wrap their items in tissue paper and include a handwritten note, thanking the buyer for shopping their closet. This will make the buyer happy which will a) prompt them to leave positive feedback and b) maybe make them want to buy from you again!

Follow people who are proven shoppers. Most people you follow on Poshmark will follow you back, or at least take a second to look at your closet. So why not follow people who you know are there to shop, not just sell? I recently started going to some of my favorite Poshers’ profiles and looking at their “Love Notes” (the feedback they’ve gotten from people who have bought stuff from them). I scroll through and follow everyone who has left feedback. I can’t say for certain that it’s working, but I feel really good about it. It just makes sense to me.

Be realistic about your prices. Yes, you want to get the most you can for your items. But don’t be afraid to lower your prices when you realize people aren’t interested in paying as much as your asking. Getting rid of the item for a few bucks is better than holding onto something you’re no longer using.

Create pictures to tell people key info. You can create pictures saying things like “Make a bundle for a discount” or “Fast shipping” or “Accepting reasonable offers!” and post them in your closet. These will be posted as ‘not for sale’ but you can still share them to parties and to your followers. This allows you to share the information with your followers without seeming pushy.


Have more questions that I didn’t cover? Feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

make money and shop on poshmark


So far, I’m having a great time clearing out my closet! This is seriously so motivating and fun, I can’t believe it took me so long to find it!

If you decide to give it a try, let me know what you think. And don’t forget to use the code MALISSA307 to get a $5 credit! Then hop on here and tell me your Poshmark name so I can follow and share your stuff!

Thanks, as always for reading. If you know people who would find this useful, make sure to share it to social media.

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