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I never thought that I would be sitting on my couch the morning of my thirtieth birthday attempting to start a blog. But here we are…

So today I am thirty years old. And today I am deciding to stop fuckin’ around and start writing. I’ve always been one of those people who likes the idea of writing, but when you force me to do it, inevitable pouting ensues. Well no more! Now –  now that I’m like officially an adult or something – now I will get serious and just do the damn thing.

So thank you, fine reader of new blogs, thank you for taking the time to read and support this damn thing.

I intend to write about my life as a thirty-something year old woman just trying to figure it all out. (That’s relevant, right?)  But I am a voracious reader and over-all media consumer so I will definitely be pulling quotes from things that I read, watch, and hear to talk about at exhausting length.  Get ready for that.

I’m sure I will eventually hit a stride and write about funny, curious things that appeal to the masses, but until then there will probably be a lot of crap. So hang in there and enjoy the ride! (Coincidentally that is one of my mottoes for my thirtieth birthday, along with “Thirty, Flirty and Thriving” – thank you Thirteen Going on Thirty. )

So in closing of this first, seemingly pointless post, here is a quote from some yahoo that, until today, rang pretty true:

“In the dim background of our mind, we know what we ought to be doing but somehow we cannot start.” -William James

Well suck it Mr. James. Because I just started.

What have you started recently? And what inspired you?



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