*This is a short story (flash fiction actually) originally written for a winter themed contest. The only instructions were to include snowy weather and to keep it below 300 words – which is why it’s shorter than most of the others I’ve shared.

Thank you for reading – please let me know what you think in the comments!


The snow packed ground crunched beneath Katie’s sneakers. The winter wind, bitterly cold, whipped against her face, creeping through her scarf. She hugged her frail arms against her small twelve-year-old frame and walked swiftly, intent on reaching the library as quickly as possible.

Katie loved the library; she cherished every moment she got to spend there.  Once inside, she felt safe and happy, free to walk among the rows of shelves discovering new books – new topics to learn or adventures to go on. Science fiction, biographies, mysteries; she found them all delightfully interesting because it wasn’t the subject matter she enjoyed as much as the escape she felt while reading them.

If she was engrossed in a novel about a happy family and their adventure through space, or the life and trials of a young Jewish girl, she was much less likely to dwell on her own problems.  Katie knew she couldn’t change her circumstances, but surely, she could changer her perspective.

“If Katniss Everdeen could get through her hunger game than I should be able to get through this, right?  she thought.

After strolling through the isles for almost an hour, she made a selection, knowing her parents would soon get worried. She checked out her books through the easy self-scan kiosk, waved good-bye to the librarians, and stepped back out into the cold.

Pulling her bright blue cap lower over her ears, Katie took comfort in the fact that her mind would find a temporary relief in the wonderful refuge of a new book. Yesterday was a rough start to her new chemo cycle, but now, armed with thick works of fantasy fiction, tomorrow’s session would be much easier.

If Katniss Everdeen could get through her hunger game than I should be able to get through this. Share on X

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